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Job description

Skilled in iOS/Android and web coding, experienced in creating rich nice looking UI, GPS.

Need to provide polished looking products.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Skilled iOS/Android developer

Dear customer

Please see attached my last created mobile app for iOS and Android which I most proud of. 

I like doing mobile applications. 

For GPS, I usually use CoreLocation for iOS and Google Play Services for Android. Let me know if you need some other frameworks, I can learn them.

I like that you mentioned 'polished' because it is pleasant to work with client who care about how the product looks like.

Which UI controls do you use? In my practice, we used Telerik and ChocolateChip-UI. I do not see any problems to work with any other frameworks.

I am self-disciplined and track all tasks and spent into excel spreadsheet. I agree with your payment conditions and would like to work in this project.

Thank you

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