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I'm looking for someone to help develop a current Wordpress website that has been created using a Wordpress theme. The site is used to advertise our function band and will be fairly basic functionality wise but will need some modification to the back end theme.

I'd also be looking for the site to be SEO optimised and optimised for mobile technology.

Please see attached a PDF which has a written picture page by page of what the site will need to look like.

You must have experience of Wordpress, have good design skills and must be available on Skype and quick to respond via email or Odesk messaging.

If the project is successful I'll also be looking to commission a PHP/MySQL database to help manage our clients, gigs and venues.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for WordPress website developer


My name is Michael Smith

I checked you PDF file and ready accomplish all of this for $15. I am a professional programmer on PHP+MySQL+WordPress.

What I am going to do if you hire me:
- upgrade Wordpress to latest version, it gives you more options to control SEO tags
- install additional plugins: SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO pack  they can do most of SEO work automatically, if you are not a SEO specialist;
- go through all your pages to correct tag for better SEO optimization
- apply your requirement by developing special libraries which integrated with WP core without modifying it, so it will not affect further WP updates

I guarantee high quality work, quick answers on you messages and responsibility.

I would like to do job fist and then be get paid.

I am great in PHP/MySQL, HTML5, node.js and Ajax too, so looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you for opportunity!!!

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Scott August 1, 2015
yes, templates do not work any more. Thank you for sharing this!