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Job description

I would like to hire a young energetic professional who can work remotely.

It's a full time job, 40+ hours a week.

Good knowledge of PHP/Perl/SQL/JavaScript/CSS is required.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for PHP coder for full time remote job

Hello sir/madam

My name is Absir. I am just graduated student.

I was very good student and had positive references from my teachers. I did not have yet interesting and important projects in my portfolio, but I can prove my knowledge working in you company for free first months.

I am absolutely honest with you. I have some experience in PHP, MySQL and HTML/CSS doing tasks in the University. I do not know Perl and responsive coding yet.

I read a lot and know almost all things to design proper project architecture and code it. 

I am looking for a job right now and I am sure that after completing 5 projects I will significant increase my rate. This is a good chance for you to hire me, because it would be cheap and because I would like to find friendly team and work for a long time doing my best.

Thank you for reading this.

Sincere, Absir.

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