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I am looking freelancer to develop the software 

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I am web developer. LAMP platform. I can develop web project from scratch: starting from project description, UX, DB modeling and coding and automated unit test.

I am honest handworker and love to do programming. I can work overtime to meet timelines and always answering all e-mails and skype messages.

I like to do small and big projects and have good communication skills.

I just start on oDesk, so my rate is very reasonable 10$/hr for quality work. I can work first week for free just to confirm my qualification.

If you would like to share some technical details, I could share ideas, even if you do not hire me.

Sincere, Robert from Uruguay (UTC-3:00)

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Baker August 1, 2015
my friend recommended, I like it too
Administrator August 2, 2015