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We are a team of 3 people looking for the front-end dev. If you have some Javascripting and C# experience and love coding let's work together.

We use CSS/HTML5 (bootstrap), javascript (AJAX, jQuery), .net, WCF services, MS SQL.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Front-end AJAX / JQuery Developer


I like this opportunity. I am just graduated and want to start my professional career in friendly team.

I was the best in terms of programming among other students in the University. I got only good marks.

I loved programming from the first course and during all study helped dean and curators to launch own web site with student profiles, forum, blogs and extended search features. I think am almost guru in jQuery :). Students love this site. Unfortunately, this site is in intranet, not for public, because of sensitive information. 

It have experience with MVC and web forms as well. 

I can offer my best qualities to your team: hardworking, friendly, always complete tasks, learn new things quickly, love programming.

I do not going to charge your team for things which are new for me and must be learnt. 

The rate is not important for me right now, so I agree to start with any which is suitable for you.

I am ready to start this project right away, just waiting your call.

Sincere, Leon 

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