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Job description

We're looking for a entry level web developer for fixing bugs and doing micro operations on many websites we have.

Skills required

- Good knowledge of wordpress
- Good knowledge of dreamweaver
- Html5
- Mysql
- htaccess
- php.ini
- Knowledge of SEO

These operations are micro-tasks as fixing template bug, changing icons, compressing CSS, minifying js, changing htaccess settings.

We offer 3$ a hour and we pay every task as micro-fixed job.
This is an ongoing position, after 3 months we review your work and if efficient we increase the payrate.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Fixing tons of microbugs on several websites

Hello mister

I would like to join your team and do these tasks. 

I always have serious attitude towards any tasks from fixing to develop a project from scratch. 

My colleges often ask me join them to find, investigate and fix bugs in alpha versions.

The company where I am working now is IT company with own hosting, so I definitely know all aspects about php and apache setting: like control uploading file extensions and size,  manage available memory, do redirects, rewrites and many others.

I wrote some plugins for wordpress like social voting, registration forms and gathering stats.

I can do responsive coding from scratch or support already existed code. 

I am very patient, polite and attentive to details. 

I can not only fix bugs, but also improve your code or make some advice according the coding.  

I have 15hr per week, which I would like to spend on your tasks.

My rate is $15/hr, but I agree on your condition in hope to increase my rate after you evaluate quality of my work.

My name is Kaonde and thank you very much for the opportunity! 

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Martinez July 27, 2015
can you post more examples for PHP
Administrator July 28, 2015
in process