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Job description

A DNN module is required to be built that can display holiday rental properties.

The module must work with Responsive Themes.

Please see the attached files for the layout and database specification.

The project must be written in C#.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for DotNetNuke module required

Dear customer,

I am glad that there are tasks for those who are specialist in DNN.

Your database specification is almost perfect, but if you wish, I would advise to change migration of some fields to get a quick search of properties. In general DNN works very slowly, if do not take into consideration some DB design tricks.

I do not have questions about the layout, but to finalize estimate it would great to see the source files in which this module will be integrated (if you wish me do it).

My rough estimate for this job is 15hr, which will cost $300. 

If you would like to work with me on hourly basis then please use $20/h rate.

I do not see any problems to accomplish this task during next week, after you provide access to you project. Also I can develop it as a separate module and you will adjust styles your-self.

I am open to discuss any questions, because I am fun of DNN and would like to cooperate on long-term basis.

Thank you for such opportunity, sir!

Sincere, Garmin

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