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1. Cover letter example for PHP - Referral site automated quoting script

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Scripts & Utilities

I checked their web site, they provided quite good options to get all information which is required to accomplish this job.

I can write such script using PHP and host it on your or my hosting. It will automatically monitor new requests and immediately issue quotes.

Most of the parameters can be automated, except text message. So if user provide some variable in the text field (for example: special house conditions), then I cannot it use for pricing. But I can send such request direct to you for manual processing.

It is easy to personalize the message.

I would suggest to improve this script and send to you SMS if an order is for large property - because maybe in this case you want to process it manually with some specific discount.

It may take 5days to complete and test it. It will cost $600. I can develop a simple admin interface so you can easy manage some parameters without doing changes in PHP code - it will cost additional $300.

I am very friendly and responsive person. I did much scripts which connect to different systems: freelancers websites, payment gateways, shipping and processing systems.

Also I can adopt this script for other similar web sites which can bring to you more clients. Let me know if it interesting - I always available in Skype and open to discuss any opportunities.

I have a good internet connection, always online and can quickly answer the questions.

My time zone is UTC+2

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, James Johnson

2. Cover letter example for PHP script from CodeIgniter to CakePHP

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Scripts & Utilities
Hi, my name is Maria (GMT+5)

I know both Codeigniter and CakePHP, also I worked with Yii and Laravel.

I have great PHP+MySQL experience, so I can do almost everything. 

But for me is more important friendly relationship within a team rather than super project. I am a perfect team player and successfully participated in 2 startups.

1 year ago my boss decided to rewrite CakePHP e-commerce project on Codeigniter, because he wanted to hire many new developers and considered Codeigniter as more simple and less restricted framework. Finally this work was done successfully and I got huge understanding about all aspects, risks and hindrances in such migration.

Anyway, if you decide to hire me, which I wish very much, my rate is $10/hr. Not sure if it should be negotiated, because it rather low.

I am reliable, do everything accurate and in time.

Let me know about some tech details before committing timelines.

Have a nice day guys!

3. Cover letter example for Redirect zencart from one domain on new

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Scripts & Utilities
Hello sir

According the information you provided it could be done during 5 min and absolutely free of charge: just for your positive feedback :)

Please see what you should add in your '.htaccess' file (no programming at all), if you have access to it:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?olddomain\.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,NC,L]

You can do it your-self or provide me control panel access to you site to do this.

If you want not only change the domain, but also change some other URLs, then I need more details what pages should be redirected and new names for them. All of this can be done during a day, it depends on your requirements.

I have great experience dealing with websites, hosting and such work, so I know all possible issues and solutions for switching web site from one domain on another.

As you have ZendCart web site, so you must change some settings in these files, in other case your site will not work on new domain: /includes/configure.php and /zcadmin/includes/configure.php.

If you decide to hire me, then my rate for such work is $11/h. 

My timezone is GTM-2 and you almost always can find me in Skype, because of my current work requires me to be available almost 24h per day.

Thank you for opportunity to help you.

Would glad to work with you

Best regards, Mike.

4. Cover letter example for Write VBA macros for sending personalized email with attachment

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Scripts & Utilities
I am a VBA developer since 2012 with experience in writing macros for MS Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word. 

Also, I develop application on C# and VB.Net, which will be useful for this task.

Do you need: 1) a macros, which generates e-mails and saves them into local folder as files OR 2) a macros, which generates and sends e-mails?

If you choose #2 then you need provide SMTP setting for sending e-mails. If you are going to use google, yahoo or Microsoft email servers then you need to know that they have restrictions for sending batch of e-mails. I would recommend you buying a simple web hosting and use its SMTP for sending - I can assist.

Please notice that depending on e-mail subject, body and attachment your e-mails can go into spam folder. I can assist to validate and adjust their content. I know many white tricks how deliver e-mail to recipients avoiding spam filters such as: include text version, use return-path, use oh behalf, sending to different addresses in one batch, exclude spam words, incorporate images, generate HTML content properly displayed in most popular e-mail clients and so on. 

I can perfectly complete this task. Do not warry if you are not too technical, I can call you and clarify all things.

After completing this project with me you will fill more confident doing further similar projects with other freelancers.