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We almost have developed our first mobile app for phones and tables. Need QA specialist to check it

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Test mobile app for Android and iOS


I have been a member of a team performing testing procedures on software applications and ensuring that all errors are identified and corrected before release to clients. 

I possess an excellent problem solving and analytical skills and experience of test plans, strategy and procedures throughout the life cycle of a project from specification reviews through to user acceptance.

I have performed various tests on games in Android and IOS by  developing test plans and strategies and examining all aspects of the programme from a clients or end-user's perspective and finally finding and eliminating bugs and any other problems. 

I can replicate the same for you.

My level of skill puts me as the best fit for this job. 

I have worked with many software and game developers. 

I understand quite well the importance of team work in developing and sustaining functional mobile apps and software.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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