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Hi, looking for someone familiar with automation testing to help our company launch set of desktop utils for networking.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Automation testing


I am extremely experienced senior automation tests developer.

I really enjoy automating process and great help, which it gives, allowing our company weekly deploy stable releases.

I am not only writing scripts. Also, I like teach other QAs and even developers how to write impeccable code and do unit testing. I am glad if can share my expertise or be valuable for project.

My experience includes:
- Testing automated frameworks (Selenium, CodedUI, Splinter)
- Scripting & testing utilities (PhantomJS, CasperJS, Capybara, VS)
- Methods (Data Driven, Dynamic, Smoke, Loading, Unit, Regression)

I guarantee
- quick work around
- full and detailed reports
- scripts and complete documentation/comments for automated running
- free consultations and supporting
- work tightly with development team 

My current rate is $12/hr and I can work 20hr per week first month. 

Grey Afruide

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