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Need someone to make a landing webpage look great. WordPress/Theme/CSS/HTML knowledge - mandatory. JS and JQuery - optional

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Redesign wordpress page


I'm very fun to work with. 

I'm a UI designer. I know Jquery, Java, Javascript, WordPress, CSS, etc. 

I bear users in mind when I build my web pages. I always want to give them something really interesting to look at and to use so they always keep coming back.

I can take your webpage and give it an amazing look, suitable for the audience you have in mind. 

One aspect where I'm better than most others is styling. 

Even when I work with WordPress, I take my time to style the theme so it comes alive and expresses the essence of the website. 

I'd really love to work with you. I can show you a few of my amazing works for clients in different industries. 

You could even choose from any of my designs and have me mimic something similar for yours or you could simply discuss your concepts with me and I'll go ahead and design something mind blowing.

I love sprucing up web pages, so hire me and share your ideas with me and you'll be amazed what your web pages will look like by the time I'm done. 

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

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