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i would like to create a wordsearch app which has a regular category level and a premium category level of about 20 genres from animals, cities, soccer stars, celebrities, countries, trees, cars etc.  each levels have 10 sets To access this premimum category you purchase in app of $1.99, you also have a leadership board for uploading your daily points on the premium category premium as 25 levels. upload into the app store and update apps from time to time

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My name is Robert (GTM-5).

I have developed many puzzle games and card games with multiplayer mode. For such type of games is very important to have intuitive and funny user interface. 

I know how to generate a grid of chars to emulate difficulties levels. Just for example: the following things may emulate difficulties levels in the game: crossing words, making words shorter, use rare used  words.  

What is entertain people more in such type of games are music, graphic and animation. I do not understand in music much, but I know resources with a lot of good free music. 

I know many good examples of such games and we can take the best ideas to implement them in your game.

I suppose that you want this game be available for iOS and Android devices - which I can do. If you need Windows Mobile then I cannot help here unfortunately.

I have many ideas and would glad to share them with you if you wish.

The right way to launch any game is: 
1) think about functionality and make a list of features (you should do it, I can give some ideas); 
2) make mockups and describe all pages/screens (I can do it); 
3) prepare creative (this is job od a designer); 
4) create a short prototype (I can do it, it is easy); 
5) start a development (my job). I think one phase will be enough

I like such projects, because they require some creative skills and professionalism, which I have. 

My hourly rate is $35/hr and I am available 20hr next month.

Let me know if you decide to hire me. I would like to have a short Skype conversation with you just to show my expertise in this field.

Thank you and have a  nice day, sir!!!

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