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I have a dozen of old bar scanners which use a small program written on C to read barcodes from one part and save them into text files. 

I looking for a programmer to adopt this app for new devices which operates on windows mobile OS and support C#.

Let me know your estimate and rates

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Program conversion from C on C#

Hello mister,

This is my passionate sphere to work with such devices. 

More than two years I work with biometric scanners for accounting working time of employees. We have scanners, which work using Windows CE and Linux OS.

I use C, C++ and C# to write different application for portable devices on my work, such as: listening to COM ports and save data into text files, send text files into COM port, read data in real-time and interact with user using display and keyboard.

Usually such task may take 1-2 days to learn code, rewrite it and test. I think that your task is even simple than my current tasks, so this is why I offer you to do it with no payment, just for the positive feedback. 

You have no risks. When you can provide me source code so I can evaluate and tell you when it can be ready?

Do you have an idea how it can be tested when it is done? Do you have emulator? If NO, then can you give me a name of your device, so I will try to find the emulator in the Internet.

Thank you for opportunity!

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