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Looking for AdWords expert to create and maintain an AdWords campaign for our products selling websites.

Need to set up and run a campaign with a high ROI.

Expecting regular reports to monitor a progress.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for AdWords expert


I'm a search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) expert. 

I have handled AdWords campaign for a few clients with accompanying interesting results. 

I perfectly understand the dynamics of ecommerce sites as I have worked with a few. 

I will research and find the long tail keywords that our potential customers are searching for and optimize our campaigns for these keywords.

You will get a comprehensive report on everything I do and the right steps to take should you intend to run such campaigns yourself in the future. 

Again, campaign results will be tracked, properly documented and sent to you as a report on weekly basis so you'll be able to easily monitor their success. 

I promise that you will see beautifully encouraging results. 

I am a recommended team player and will blend easily with your team. 

I take effective communication as a very important aspect of my business, so expect that I'll respond to your queries speedily.

I'll definitely be glad to work with you on this project. 

I'm also available for a full time continuous work with you. Please do contact me.

Thank you.

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