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Looking for PR professional with experience in the beauty and skin sphere who can effectively communicate on media about our products.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Wanted experienced public relations professional


I can help get the word out there about your new beauty and skin care brand. 

I am an experienced PR professional. 

In the course of my work, I've established relationships with individuals within fashion and beauty media houses. 

Talking to them and getting them to spread the word about your new brand will not be a tall task.

I can also come up with a media list and send friendly personal messages to them or place calls through to get them to talk about the new brand. 

Besides contacting media outlets, I can also utilize other PR strategies for getting the word out such as social media - images will work pretty well for this. 

I'll be very excited to learn more about your organization and this project. 

If I'm offered the job, I am ready to hit the ground right away and help you even exceed your expectations.

Thank you.

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