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Looking for a public relations team player to assist in promoting a film into the Christian film world. 

We are hosting a Night of Prayer and need to advertise this event.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Public Relations for Film and Director


Public Relations that produces results is what I do and I am confident I'll make a good addition to you team. 

I have proven strategies to promote movies, which I have used in some of my past works. 

I'm ready to apply these strategies to make your new Christian movie a success. 

We can promote Night of Prayer using every channel possible - we can write a press release; shoot and advertise a short video about it on YouTube; social media; encourage word of mouth; etc. and then in return, we can promote the new movie at the event. 

One good way we can get the best from the event is talking about the new movie and collecting emails of individuals who'd like to receive updates and learn about the release of the movie. 

This can be an invaluable asset. 

I'm available to put heads together with your PR team to come up with the best strategy to pursue. 

I have beautiful ideas already that can set us on the right path. 

I'll appreciate the opportunity to discuss more on this with you, and I can promise you hardwork, creativity and commitment if I'm giving the opportunity to work with your team on this task. 

Thank you.

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