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I am running a Kickstarter campaign. Looking for someone who can build a media list. Need news outlet, contact name and their email.

The types of media must be equally: design, technology and music.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Need a PR list made for our campaign


I'll get you a list of 250 medium-size tech, music and design outlets that'll be interested in learning about your product and talking about your Kickstarter campaign. 

I will not just get contact information alone, I can dig for the right persons to talk to. 

I may not do this for everyone on the list within the time frame you have stipulated, but I'll get for a sizeable number. 

In particular, based on their previous posts, I'll target outlets and authors who will most likely be interested in such an interesting gadget as Astro and in spreading the word about it.

Give me this job and I'll put in my best; I'll go the extra mile to get you your list.  

Thank you.

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