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Looking for a list of all international water projects including power plans, which are near fresh water and under construction. 

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Need a research of projects near the water


I have excellent research skills. 

I dig as far as I need to, to get what information I seek. 

Sometimes I reach out to site authors to get more reliable information. 

As long as it is on the internet, I'll find it. 

I can help compile a list of industrial projects currently under construction and near bodies of water all over the world. 

I will create an Excel sheet with the different headings you have provided and supply relevant information. 

I enjoy research work; I promise to give you the best experience on this task. 

I am equally very much available for future work on similar projects. 

My rate is $7.5/hour; it's subject to negotiation though. 

I'll be extremely happy to read from you soon. 

I'm available to answer any question you may have for me. 


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