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Hi looking for an expert to setup an instance in EC2 for us to run our web app securely. Our EC2 instance was recently compromised and I would like someone to us up so we can migrate our old site in to the new instance and use it safely.

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Hi, it is Matt from California

Before doing the migration, I would recommend to find a reason of compromise. 

So I see this job as:
1) find a reason and fix it, if you have not do it yet. In other case even if you moved it on new instance it maynot solve the problem
2) migration of your web site can be done by different ways:
- just copy one instance to another
- setup your web site from scratch and them move you data/sources

I deal with different hosting/clouds (Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, Heroku) and platforms (Windows, Unix) and sure that can do this task accurate and carefully.

If you decide to hire me, let me please know some details:
- web site platform: windows or LAMP
- web site DB
- does it have any additional services like SMTP, SSL, FTP
- do you already have new instance or I need to create it

Let me know if you ready to discuss these questions by Skype. I am available everyday from 18:00 -23:00 (UTC).

My rate is $20/hr. Depending on your answers this work may take from 4hr till 24hr

I would glad to help you.

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Allen July 31, 2015
I got the idea, thank you!!!