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You need to create a small network diagram for one of our clients. You need to make it in Visio. We're gonna deploy a wireless network with Unifi.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Create network diagram


I would like to do this job for you, but can you please provide answers on my questions:

- do you want to draw some most common / standard network as used for small companies with 5-10 employees: internet, phones, TV, PCs? If no - please clarify: devices which you are going to use, working places, what Unifi services will be used;
- do you have any design requirements for the MS Visio diagram? If YES - please provide them

- as I know Unifi offers Internet access, VoIP and IPTV. So, please let me know which one do you want to be displayed in the diagram?

I think that you more need a person who can competently draw the diagram rather than except in networking. If I am right - I would glad to help you, because I have some experience in networking and also do some work to prepare stats reports and diagram using PPT, Visio and Word and Excel. 

I agree with your price and I am willing to work with you until you are completely satisfied the results.

Best wishes, Rasin

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