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Implementing Microsoft CRM and need to create workflows, templates, and overall implementation. The freelancer will review the business module and create a workflow to match. Items that would need to be included are:

-Create workflows
-E-signature integration
-Modify Account Summary to only include the information provided
-Auto complete documents with client data
-Send email in workflow
-Integrate SharePoint

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Microsoft Dynamics: Implement, Design and create workflows


I have been working with Microsoft Dynamics since 2011 as a developer. 

During this period I implemented the following things:
- new workflow for client leads. Extra categories and sub-categories were added to support current company infrastructure;
- most of the new forms have autocomplete features;
- algorithms to generate unique quote, FRP and proposal numbers; 
- sending automated notification according business rules such as timelines, missing required docs, reminders to contact client and so on;
- simple interface to manage e-mail notification templates;
- customized stats reposts.

In addition, I was involved into distribution of this customized MS Dynamics to client servers.

Unfortunately, I do not have experience with SharePoint yet and E-signature, but I am sure that I learn this quickly after getting details how do you want to use it with Dynamics and what E-signature API you would like to use.

I am professional developer and my rate is $25/hr. I can answer all your questions.

I can consult and help to make right decision by implementing Dynamics because I have valuable experience with it.

I am very responsible, always explain, and clarify the things, which I am going to implemented, especially in projects that are not too clear in terms of making best decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics is a big system with its own system architecture, which I already know very well.

Looking forward to hear from you sir.

Best wishes, Maxim

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