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We need a Python programmer who knows ERPNext well for ongoing modification work. The project will take ca. 3-6 months and will be at ca. 100 hours per month.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for ERPNext - Ongoing Modification


My name is Milay.

I have been developing some plugins for ERPNext and Sales Force. One of them was a social subscription form and another - extended reporting module.

I know well all ERPNetx features and can confident do any modifications or fixed.

I do programming on Python and Java almost 3 years. All my tasks/projects were done in time. I always keep updated my colleges and clients about the status.

During writing plugins I mentioned before I learn more about ERPNext back-end and front-end, so I know how to do changes effectively and compliant with new updates.

I do not afraid to work with legacy code, I very glad when I can improve some aspects.

I do my job very attentively to details and client requirements.

If there are some moments which will require to learn something unknown for me in this system I will do it without  charging you.

My rate is $25/h and I am available 100h per month.

I would glad to discuss some technical questions about this project by Skype.

Thank you for opportunity, sir.

Best wishes, Milay (UTC+3)

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