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I would like someone to build a sport betting database that collects results from a webpage and it will returns answers to some queries

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Sports Betting Database

Dear, sir

As I understood the job includes:
- get data from a web site/pages. Can you please give me URL of this site/page? Does this page/site require authorization? 
- run this script periodically to get updated data every N minutes. It can be run from local PC using Windows scheduler or from remote server by cron, for example;
- parse these pages and save results into local DB. Do you have any preferences about DB: MySql, Access, MS SQL, other?
- write queries/reports to display some consolidated stats/results. Do you have preferences: just a list of results or report, which will be nice printed?

The solution depends on your answers, but anyway, whatever you choose I can do it.  

I have great experience to parse, analyze, save, process and report data using PHP, C# + any DB.

My rate is $20/hr and I can start this job immediately as you hire me.

If you need more details or just a consultation - please feel free to contact me. Also I can estimate this job by fixed cost, but I need more details from you.

Sincere, Mihail from Poland 

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Wright July 28, 2015
works for me! Got interview invintation!!!
Administrator July 29, 2015