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I am looking for someone to help me setup a basic database for my business. I would like to use an online free database if possible or if there is not one suitable I would probably like to use Microsoft Access.

I need assistance to setup the database and layout to record phone calls to clients, client details and relevant information I require from the clients.

I would like someone with excellent English skills as I would like to talk with them over Skype. Also a good knowledge in the required database program eg Microsoft Access and use of Team Viewer.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Basic Database Setup

Hello sir

I read your requirements; unfortunately, there is no yet fully functional/free and easy online DB.

I  can suggest the following options:
1) use MS Access as DB and create simple forms which allow you add/modify and filter data without knowing SQL queries

2) use MS Excel as DB and create simple forms which allow you add/modify and filter data without/with direct modifying excel sheets. These excel files can be automatically synchronized with GoogleDrive and you can access your data via the Internet - but you cannot do the back synchronization if data is modified via GoogleDrive

3) use Google Excel - this is just excel sheet in the Internet, it is useful if you phone DB is small

4) find any simple and free desktop app to manage your contacts and calls. There are tons of such app

5) search something similar for mobile devices - hope they are, but need to investigate.

Of course, I can work with TeamViewer, RemoteAdmin, RemoteDesktop and other solution to access remote PCs.

My rate is $12/hr. I think such work may take from 2h till 16h (if need to develop forms in MS Access/Excel). 

I am very polite, always answer the questions and can work in your timezone if we need do discuss the tasks.

I would glad if I can help you.

Regards, Maiden

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