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Job description

I want to made a video with camtasia studio.

I give you all elements to do the job

the original video

the video lasts 10 minutes.

I pay 10 dollars for the 10 videos to create with camtasia

I send you instruction you need.
It is an easy job.

You just need to follow instruction to make the video and complete the job.

Apply only if you  are already use camtasia studio, serious, professionnal and if you accepted the offer.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Making 10 videos with Camtasia

Hello sir, my name is David

I like to record and produce videos. I have my own channel where I regularly post new games recoding.

I do my videos using Adobe Premier CS6, Camtasia 8 and Movie Maker.

I am very attentive to details, and quality of my work does not depend on price, which is paid. 

I know how to put all things like video, music and images together, add get beautiful results.

Do not worry, I can show you interim results so you can easy add changes on all stages. I am free to add any corrections, which you want.

If you wish, I can share some advice how to combine your materials in a video to get better results.

I am agree with your price and would be glad to get this project.

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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