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Job description

We are launching a mobile game in the genre of endless runner on Apple App Store and Google Play.

We are looking for an Expert who can create a professional Prezi presentation of our game.


Please provide us your portfolio and links to samples of your work.

We can't wait to get your applications!

Example of Cover Letter Answer for 5-7 min Prezi presentation


I am Steve form Netherlands

Here is my portfolio on oDesk. These works done in PowerPoint, Prezi and Google Slides.

Most of works done for web sites and businesses, but I am a computer gamer and know what appeals gamers and how to present a new game.

What is important in such type of work: 
- find most interesting moments of your game, if you give me a link I definitely find them
- think out scenario, I can provide up to 3 possible scenarios for discussion
- add creativity, you can see that I am not a robot which does the same presentation for everybody
- animate this stuff.

I like that you choose Prezi as a tool for making presentations, I like it very much, because it gives freedom in terms of animations.

I am creative, reasonable and very responsible. 

I do not afraid of adding changes into scenarios on all stages and always open for comments, I am sure you will love my work. 

I have many ideas and cannot wait to begin. 

I agree with your prices. Thank you!!!

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