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Need a couple of actual physical buttons you wear on clothing, not web site or app buttons, designed using PSD or AI.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Buttons you wear on clothing

Dear customer

I really like this task and such sphere. Please see my quick mockup attached here for your task. Is it close to what you want?

Let me ask some questions:
- do want to use standard size or custom? If custom can you please provide sizes
- usually for  printing machine you need 200-300dpi. Do you have any particular requirements?
- do you already have images for button or I should find them? Are you willing to purchase images or they must be free?

I can provide more examples just to find the best solution for you.

I would like to work on this task for you, sir. 2 buttons may cost in a total $20 but we can discuss it

Thank you!

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