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1. Cover letter example for Interior/exterior 2D animation 5 scenes

Design & Creative • Animation

My last works where (which are under NDA) Sims (very popular iPad game) and for the company, which build panel houses in USA. I can send screens by demand.

Most of my works were 3D, but I know how to make 2D model looks like 3D which is more attractive and nice.

Let me know the sphere for your animation, because depending on it objects and style can change.

Also is good to know who will provide creative, because I am not a designer, but can easy improve existing design elements.

Another question: in what format do you need the results. Most of clients asking to provide results in 3DMax format, but I can convert into different formats if you wish with no charges.

I am very good with people, polite and initiative

My rate is $12/hr, but I can provide fixed cost if you answer the questions above.

Regards, Marable

2. Cover letter example for Need 3 one minute Animations for Game

Design & Creative • Animation

I can help you create your dreams game. 

I specialize in providing Animated Videos which includes but not limited to Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics, White board animation or Rotoscoping Animation (RSA), Stick figure animation, Character or Cartoon animation, Line drawing Animation, Epipheo - like animation, Video Sales Letters and Business Presentations.

I can see that your desired game will be very interesting if developed with quality animated graphic. 

If you hire me, I will make sure I follow your description and create a wonderful, end-user friendly master piece of a game.

The questions I have for you are that:
- In what language will the game be played? Should it support many languages? Which? 
- Will the game be on Android or IOS?

I believe you will thoroughly furnish me with the necessary details that can facilitate the game graphic development.

The samples of my work are hereby attached for your examination.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.