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I am looking for bookmarking my website pages. Freelancer should have genuine list of bookmarking websites.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Add bookmarks for web pages

Hello, my name is Jane from Philippines. 

If to be honest I do not good understand what bookmarking sites should I use (I think you mean social web sites like facebook and so on), but if you give me some instructions or examples I can definitely do best job for you.

I am new here and my rate is pretty low, but I can do all tasks very carefully by paying attention to all details.

I think this is very beneficial for you to hire me, because even if my current rate is low, BUT my intension and wiliness are super high. I am ready to work harder to reach maximum results the same as reach super specialists.

You can hire and test me even if this first job will be free for me.

Thank you for opportunity

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