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1. Cover letter example for Perform A/B Testing

Data Science & Analytics • A/B Testing

A/B testing is very interesting sphere. It requires from candidate knowledge in UI and UX. 

I have been working more than 3 years with such tools as Google Content Experiments, Usabilityhub, Hotjar and Convert. I prefer Google (because it is free) and Convert (because it easy to design variations). Other resources use external people to analyze a website - that something is not actual.

What is a goal of A/B testing for you? Testing process/scenarios depends on your answer.

I did A/B testing for companies who wanted such things as:
- lead people on their purchase pages 
- increase average time user stay on a website
- improve navigation and usability for schoolchild
- usability for games

Let me know when I can review your sites and prepare more questions and scenarios.

My rate is $18/hr and I can start this job (if you hire me) in 4 days.

I would glad to work with your company, sir

Thank you!