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Job description


Looking for great Customer Support person for our team. 

Experience is not important, more important personality and attentiveness.

Job is to help our clients working with CRM software, it will also includes: responding to enquiries, answering calls, live chat, social media networks, forums, writing guides.

We expect you be able to work autonomously.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Need Talented Person for Tech Support


I am an amazing customer support person; I bring an amazing skill set to my job. 

I am driven by the knowledge that customers are the most important in any organization and the need to help them fulfill their needs with smiles. 

I find interacting with customers really enjoyable.

I understand that customer support is a huge focus for you. 

I'll be pleased to go to work with that at the back of my mind. 

I have handled the following roles excellently in the past: responding to emails and support tickets, attending to phone calls, responding to queries on social media, live chatting and providing technical assistance to customers. 

I am passionate and self-driven; I can get the work going with little or no supervision. 

I'll be prepared to give our customers a fantastic experience each time they get in touch with us. 

It will excite me to learn more about your organization and to contribute my effort to making your customers the happiest in your industry. 

If you give me this job, I'm available to start off immediately and I promise that you'll begin to receive continuous positive reviews from our customers in no time. 

Thank you.

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