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Job description

I need someone to fulfill dropshipping orders for my business and answer customer service emails and email chat support. You need to be available from 9 to 5 PST and have great customer service skills.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Order Fulfiller and Email Customer Support Needed


My name is Jack from Belize

I have been successfully working last 2 years with such software for shipping like GroovePacker, NetSuite, BusinessVision and cargonet. 

I have many positive e-mails from our customers from the previous job. 

I do my job very seriously, do not do tasks simultaneously and always concentrate on one task only.  I am attentive to details that helped my employer saved money when I found inaccuracy in sales order and delivery order.

I am definitely can be available from 9 to 5PST, sir.

My previous job was related to find vendors and establish rapport with them. I wrote many polite and detailed e-mails to vendors and customers. I know how to accomplish this task professionally.

In addition, I would add, that in such kind of job, instant answers on all e-mails/messages are very important and I confirm that I do this.

My regular rate for such jobs is $8/hr, but it is negotiable if you need my service for a long term. I can guarantee high quality of my work.

It was please for me to offer my candidacy for this job.

Looking forward to hearing from you, sir. 

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