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1. Cover letter example for Data Validation Support for Business List

Admin Support • Web Research
Hello sir

I must admit that this is very complicated job in terms of confirming data, but I have had even more complicated experience when a client asked to gather info about ALL previous companies where more than 20 000 employees worked before. I used LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks to accomplish that task.

I would estimate your task on 7000 * 5-10min = 1100h (I am sure it will take much more time), my rate is $3/h = $3300. I can agree to do this job for $1650

#1 and #2 - are most complicated because it  requires research. 
#3 and #4 - can be done ease, because I can write scripts to clean up all data

Let me know if you are interested in my offer

Thank you, Manahil

2. Cover letter example for Find email, job title and phone number

Admin Support • Web Research

It is Gemmy and this job is very interesting for me. 

Please note that search results may not be accurate, because if a person cannot be identified by e-mail (most personal e-mails are hidden on web sites) then search results may return different jobs/companies for one person in the Internet.

Week ago I did similar job and I wrote small script which returns first 10 pages from Google, Yahoo and Bing which includes searched phrase. Then another small script extracts prev and next sentences for searched phrases. So, less than in 5 minutes I can have a clear picture about searched info.

Hope my experience help you, if you think so, please contact me.

It would be nice to accomplish this task.

Best regards, sir.

3. Cover letter example for Research Information About Summer Camps and Enter Data Into Website Backend

Admin Support • Web Research

I did quick search and found 350 camps in USA with web sites and description. Some of them provide full info you require, but some not - in this case I can do additional research using social networks to get missing data.

According the internet there are over than 10,000 summer camps in USA.

I would add the following fields into your list like:
- boys only, girls only, both
- activities
- type of camp: religious, arts, educational, language, computer, health and so on
- images
- reviews/feedback, rating 

I like doing research, analyze materials and clean up documents. I am very accurate and like details.

I can work all days every day, be online and be in touch. No problem with timezones - let me know what time is preferable for you.

I am working on oDesk for $4/hr, let me know if this is acceptable for you.
Thank you for opportunity and I would glad to work on this project for you

Good bye!!!