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Job description

Need to transcribe 60 minutes of approximately clear audio for 3 hour.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for URGENT Transcription


I can transcribe 60 minutes of audio accurately within 3 hours. 

I appreciate that the audios will be clear; this will make it easier to produce quality transcriptions and always meet the deadline. 

I've transcribed a lot of files for other employers and find transcription fascinating. 

I'll be very glad to take on your projects and deliver quality work to your taste as well. 

I have attached some of the works I recently completed for your review. 

My rate for a 1 hour audio is $5. 

I appreciate communication through projects as it helps me complete my work to specific instructions, and so I'll be available to communicate anytime.

I understand that you have urgent needs for a transcriber. 

I'm actually available to start working on your project right away. 

I will very much appreciate an interview with you at your convenience as I'm eager to take on this project, and also deliver timely excellent output. 

Thank you. 

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