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transcribe mp3 English audio into blogs, articles, books etc.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Motivating Transcriber


I can transcribe your mp3 audio into well written materials for blogs, books and articles. 

I have a 3 year experience with transcribing videos and audios and I've always delivered quality work that my employers were proud of. 

I pay adequate attention and catch even the very difficult words.

Besides transcribing, I also have blogging and writing experience and so I can easily turn your materials to wonderful resources for blog posts, articles or books.

I am hardworking and I deliver top notch service. 

I'm always available to communicate through my projects. 

I am equally very flexible, my rates as well, depending on volume of work. 

I believe this is a position that will grant me the opportunity to enhance on my skills and give my very best. 

I'll be very happy to take this conversation further. 

Thank you.

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