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I have a mastersheet with multiple columns.

And I want the names sorted on the master sheet into 12 other sheets based off the month associated with their name.

So if the month is December - I want their name transferred to a December only tab. I do not want a way to format and sort the main page by the month.

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I can write macro, which will do such operation as you described. 

I will incorporate macro into you document, so it will work automatically. This allows you easy modify mastersheet and these changes will be immediately displayed on the corresponding 12 sheets.

I need to see an example of you mastersheet to clarify some technical moments, but in general the task is clear and I would like to do it for you.

I agree on you payment conditions and if you assign it to me, I would accomplish it during a day.

My name is Quang, it was nice to answer your offer!

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