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1. Cover letter example for Excel Question

Admin Support • Other - Admin Support

I can write macro, which will do such operation as you described. 

I will incorporate macro into you document, so it will work automatically. This allows you easy modify mastersheet and these changes will be immediately displayed on the corresponding 12 sheets.

I need to see an example of you mastersheet to clarify some technical moments, but in general the task is clear and I would like to do it for you.

I agree on you payment conditions and if you assign it to me, I would accomplish it during a day.

My name is Quang, it was nice to answer your offer!

2. Cover letter example for Macro needed

Admin Support • Other - Admin Support
Dear friend

I can help you with macro for MS Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint and other office applications. 

In addition, I can write macros to automate some operation system routines for Windows and Unix.

Short background, what macros I wrote:
- all possible operations with text and binary files
- processing any text information, formatting, parsing, transforming
- creating forms, reports, queries, adding controls 

I can easy understand all clients and their needs. Based on my expertise I can suggest effectively and universal solution.

If you choose me to do this job you will feel confident that you request is done with high quality and exact as you expected.

I am very polite and benevolent, so you get please communicating with me.

I agree on your conditions.

Let me know if you choose me for this job.

Best wishes,  Jamilya

3. Cover letter example for Support for Foodportal

Admin Support • Other - Admin Support
Hello, my name is Bruno

According your requirements, you need a developer who can do some programming to add new features/fixes and change in HTML. I can guess that this is e-commerce portal.

I would glad to help you, but need to know what CMS or language do you use for your web site, or just give me URL so I can check it my-self.

I successfully support different e-commerce web sites on different languages. 

I have been working with different clients: 
- some were technical guru and just told me what exactly I should do, 
- some were owners without tech background and am I very patiently listen to them and provided my ideas and solution in very clear form. 

I always can find appropriate quick solution and can establish good rapport with people.

Please feel free to contact me if you decide to use my help for your project.

My rate is pretty low - $10/hr, because I am not a guru yet, but I am not a beginner. I constantly get appreciation from everyone I helped with projects/tasks.

Thank you, sir!

4. Cover letter example for Wordpress Blog Posting - Approx 300 blog posts

Admin Support • Other - Admin Support

I can suggest very quick and easy solution, which is in 100 times more effective and safe for moving content from one wordpress site to another.

For less than 1h I can export and import the corresponding posts without copy/paste and with appropriate URLs, no mistakes and mistypes.

It will cost $30 and I can do it during a day as you give me such order.

I can do many similar jobs like this, so please be aware about it, if you decide to safety migrate/move some other content. 

Also, I can coordinate your site migration, because I did it so many times that can do it with close eyes :)

I wish you to do migration smoothly, and I would glad if I can help you in this.

Best regards, Namdar