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I have a list of 230 businesses in a column in an excel spreadsheet. I need Location of the business in another column and i need the phone number in another column.

Location: If in USA I just need the state abbreviation. (California = CA)
If Canada I just need the Province. Anywhere else in the world I will just the country.

I will have plenty mor work after this

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Data Entry businesses

Dear sir

I have a great experience in processing large DB of addresses. I know how easy it can be automated in Excel using VBA.

Let me do this job for you for free right now just to prove my expertise in this field.

I am looking for long-term jobs, my rate is pretty low $4/hr and quality and responsibility is high.

I can not only process data and extract particular information into different columns, but also  I can use web crawlers like Teleport and HTTrack  to download web sites content from the Internet and extract mail and e-mail addresses from them. I know how to get e-mail addresses from large site using eMail Extractor.

I use MS Access to process and clean up large amount of data using SQL scripts.

Hope I could awake you interest in me. I am always online, work hard and very sensitive to details.

Will be glad to get this job, Robert Johnson (GMT+8:00)

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Robinson August 1, 2015
many of these covers are complicated, it will use templates
Administrator August 2, 2015
templates may work for small tasks, but for large one need to write individual covers