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1. Cover letter example for Collect Data From Suppliers Websites - Data Scraping - Web Scraping � Excel

Admin Support • Data Entry

I am willing to do this job.

I did such job crawling popular e-commerce shops sites for getting web pages and parsing their content into word, excel, access and text files.

I have a set of great tools, which can automatically scan pages, parse any content on a web page, clean up database.

I crawled sites with more 10 mln pages.

I am very good with Excel and can remove duplicates, processes addresses, split addresses on parts, prepare for printing, export into different format for accounting and sending systems, automate much of such work.

I am sure that I am not only can help you, but can change speed and amount of data, which you can process.

Waiting to hearing from you, sir.

Regards, Wei

2. Cover letter example for Data consolidation and mail merge

Admin Support • Data Entry
Hi, my name is Noor

Let me do this job for you, sir. I can provide you quality-processed data in 1h after you give me the file.

I did such job for my current company where I am working as a programmer, so I know how to clean up, parse and prepare data for printing.

I guarantee you will be satisfied the results.

Much appreciate 

3. Cover letter example for Data Entry businesses

Admin Support • Data Entry
Dear sir

I have a great experience in processing large DB of addresses. I know how easy it can be automated in Excel using VBA.

Let me do this job for you for free right now just to prove my expertise in this field.

I am looking for long-term jobs, my rate is pretty low $4/hr and quality and responsibility is high.

I can not only process data and extract particular information into different columns, but also  I can use web crawlers like Teleport and HTTrack  to download web sites content from the Internet and extract mail and e-mail addresses from them. I know how to get e-mail addresses from large site using eMail Extractor.

I use MS Access to process and clean up large amount of data using SQL scripts.

Hope I could awake you interest in me. I am always online, work hard and very sensitive to details.

Will be glad to get this job, Robert Johnson (GMT+8:00)

4. Cover letter example for Data Entry reviwings for new products

Admin Support • Data Entry
Hello dear employer

My name is Maria Hernandez (UTC-3:00)

I type 55 words per minute!!! This is the maximum according the Internet research.

I am post-graduate student and have own room where nobody cannot disturb me when I work.

I am a super hard worker: 3 months ago, my client asked me to do the job, which requires 3 days, but he needed it yesterday. I closed in my room, was working at PC, without breaks, 21h, and completed it during 1 day.

I am very attentive to details, my roommates in the University always asked me to check their grammar when we did writing home tasks.

I like to communicate with people and have many friends in the city and in the Internet.

I it is hard for me to confirm that I am effective Problem Solver, because I have not faced with difficulties, which I cannot overcome yet.

I am almost expert in Windows, because install/reinstall OS and all software my-self. MS Word, Excel, Access, Photoshop  my everyday working programs.

I am so exciting to work in your team. If you decide to hire me, let discuss my questions about your company, because I am looking for long-term job.

Thank you for such great opportunity sir!!!

5. Cover letter example for Local/National Business Coaching List

Admin Support • Data Entry

I already did research and found first 50 national business coaching. Let me continue please and finish this job for you during this day.

To complete the list I need to know what city or country you consider as 'local'.

I am very attentive to details and try to find all details even if contact details / links are on different pages / we sites. 

Let me know you decision, 

Thank you, Smurf

6. Cover letter example for Splitting PDF files

Admin Support • Data Entry
Hello Gary

I can do it with high quality right now.

I have been working with Trello last 2 years for managing my local tasks. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6 for my image processing and printing works.

I would recommend to you use InFix PDF instead of Illustrator, because it really does amazing decoding/encoding of PDF without loosing quality. I have a license for this app.

I am available 8hr/w + any overtime if need to accomplish this to some particular date.

I am reliable, responsible and attentive to details which is important when need to do the sameness routines quickly.

I can do translation of one file for free right now to show you the quality and speed.

I am the best doing such tasks, let me do this job for you.

Sincere, William Smith