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Job description

Need Financial Accountant (including Cost & Management Accountant, Auditor and Tax Auditor + consultant) 

You must have not less than 2 years of experience in positions above. 

Regards, Malib

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Accountant

Dear Malib,

My name is Steve, I held a Financial Accounting position in a business and management consulting firm for 5 years. 

My duties included, but were not limited to: 
- preparing monthly statements from collected data; 
- preparing quarterly and annual statements; 
- summarizing information, trends and data; 
- providing financial advice by applying financial principles to operational issues, preparing special reports and recommendations, responding to financial inquiries from clients and management team members; 
- analyzing, summarizing and interpreting financial data. 

I'm a meticulous and diligent accountant with good interpersonal, analytical, research, communication and business knowledge skills. 

I'll be glad to contribute my skills to the smooth running and growth of your organization. 

I have attached my bio and resume which contain my contact information. 

I expect a monthly salary of $800 (this is however subject to negotiation). 

I'm available for an interview anytime. 

I'll be glad if you consider me for this position; I'll give my very best. 

I would like to know what the expected working hours per week is.

Thank you.

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