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Job description

I'm planning to launch a new membership site. 

But before I need to capture mail leads. 

Need a consultant from the very beginning to help capture leads and all the way through launch. 

Please help me research marketing opportunities and guide me. 


Example of Cover Letter Answer for Help capture leads

Dear Mike,
It will be a pleasure to work with you, first to capture leads for your membership site, and then to kick off properly when we have enough leads. 

What is the site about?

I have been a business and management consultant for more than 7 years. 

Amongst many businesses online today, membership sites interest me the most because of the potentials they possess and the realness of working with real people all over the world, providing them with helpful resources that'll make them better.

Let's do this together. 

I believe in the power of email marketing and have got a lot of experience in lead generation and email writing for the best conversions. 

So, I can be available 3 hours every week to listen and talk with you about the best next step actions, from experience of course; If there are strategic tasks you'd want me to carry out for you, I'm open to discuss that as well.

I'm excited about this and will love to hear more from you. 

I'm available to start immediately if you are. 

Do send me a message and let's take it from there. 

You can begin by asking any questions you may have for me. 

I'll be available to answer. 


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