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Job description

Need Business Coaching/Mentoring as an extension of current services of business

He/she must be experienced Business Coach or Business Advisory Specialist who:
- can provide complete, comprehensive and detailed set of business coaching materials
- guidance how plan, deliver and execute coaching program to clients

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Business Coaching/Mentoring


I can provide you with effective coaching materials and resources needed for top notch business coaching. 

I've used these materials myself, with modifications every now and then, for 15 years and they've always proved to be highly effective.

I have materials on Industrial Relations, business management for small businesses, accounting and book keeping, marketing and sales, social media, human resource management, planning and budgeting, etc. 

I also have resources for class exercises that have always worked to get the class focused on the training. 

I'm happy to pass these materials and resources to you and also provide advice on how to build a solid business/mentoring coaching department. 

I have a coaching style that is basically practical and interactive; I'm certain you'll find this out in our advisory sessions. 

Skype works for me. 

I believe it's more effective than most other means of online consulting. 

Let me know if a fee of $17/hr works for you. 

I'll be waiting eagerly to read from you again as I'm very interested to begin work with you immediately. 

I'm certain you'll find my materials and coaching methods the best. 

Please go ahead and set up an interview. 


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