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Job description

Looking for an experienced resume writer in the technology industry. 

Duties: reformat, edit, and write resumes. 

Must have 
- excellent experience with  MS Office. 
- perfect English language 

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Need resume writer in technology industry


I am an experienced resume writer and designer. 

My work has majorly been writing, editing, reformatting and designing resumes that will last longer in the hands of interviewers. 

I've designed resumes for jobs in various industries, technology inclusive. 

I've attached two technology resumes I did recently for your perusal.

I create most of my resumes using MS Word and so working on your project will be fun. 

I write and speak English fluently and have eyes for details. 

I will catch those errors and give you perfect editing at the end of each task. 

I can take an hourly rate for each resume. My hourly rate is $3. 

I'll be available 5 days in a week to work on your project and I can assure that you'll get the best of my talents during my period of work with you. 

I can do cover letters as well to carry the same formatting and flow with the resumes. 

This will cost an extra $5 per cover letter. 

Please let me know what you think about my rates.

I will surely deliver the best written, edited and formatted resumes if hired for this job. 

I'm available anytime for an interview. 

Thank you.

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