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1. Cover letter example for human resources manager

Accounting & Consulting • Human Resources

I can work with you to carry out your recruitment tasks. 

I can create job posts and have them on relevant websites to grab applications; I'll profile these applications and screen the candidates to make for an easy, perfect interview and excellent hire. 

I have 4 years experience working as a HR consultant and virtual assistant. 

Besides helping to recruit your staff members, I can also help with training and with policy making and creating handbooks for employees.

I'm very proficient with Microsoft Office and can effortlessly handle all MS Word and data entry jobs related to human resource management.

I'm confident you'll find me a very useful addition to your team as I possess the relevant skill set required for this job and related tasks. 

If you give me this job, I promise to find you the very best brains and hands to join and stay in your organization. 

Thank you.

2. Cover letter example for Need experienced recruiter

Accounting & Consulting • Human Resources

I have excellent verbal communication skills and excellent telephone etiquette; I can conduct quality and detailed screening of your applicants on the phone. 

Each screening will produce detailed screen notes and my unbiased ratings of each quality to look out for in candidates. 

I am highly responsible and understand the importance of having the right people in the right slots in every organization and as such will give my best to making this happen. 

I'm very easy to work with. 

I pay close attention to instructions and carry them out to the letter. 

I work well with people and find communicating with people a very important aspect of my job. 

Give me this job and I promise quality screenings that will lead up to quality interviews and quality hires. 

I'll be glad to hear from you soon. 


3. Cover letter example for Need resume writer in technology industry

Accounting & Consulting • Human Resources

I am an experienced resume writer and designer. 

My work has majorly been writing, editing, reformatting and designing resumes that will last longer in the hands of interviewers. 

I've designed resumes for jobs in various industries, technology inclusive. 

I've attached two technology resumes I did recently for your perusal.

I create most of my resumes using MS Word and so working on your project will be fun. 

I write and speak English fluently and have eyes for details. 

I will catch those errors and give you perfect editing at the end of each task. 

I can take an hourly rate for each resume. My hourly rate is $3. 

I'll be available 5 days in a week to work on your project and I can assure that you'll get the best of my talents during my period of work with you. 

I can do cover letters as well to carry the same formatting and flow with the resumes. 

This will cost an extra $5 per cover letter. 

Please let me know what you think about my rates.

I will surely deliver the best written, edited and formatted resumes if hired for this job. 

I'm available anytime for an interview. 

Thank you.