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Portfolio description for WebSite projects

1. Art University website description for portfolio

This website is quite simple, built on Drupal, PHP, MySQL during 4 months, but!

Client's goal was to show how creative their university is.

They ordered me to implement the following things:

  • Responsive parallax for fixed width site and images which must change sizes according special algorithms under responsive;
  • Dynamical automatically movable tiles (1x1,2x1,1x2 and 2x2) with text, images and video. They must be automatically set into appropriate place on a page when browser width changes without gaps;
  • Automatically playable video tiles when user moves mouse over with a memory where user leave the video tile and play again from that position. Page may include hundreds videos tiles;
  • Special HTML controls to express creativity of each page;
  • Interesting effects with text and colors - difficult to explain, better to see.

The creative completely changed 3 times by the client, functionality changes every month. Client forget about timelines trying to add more and more creative details.

We went live several times and I kept the following instances for this project to help the client: production and copy of production to add instant changes and discuss them with client before move live, development - for the current working version and training - tested development version for client's review.

I got pleasure working with such creative client and implementing his genius ideas!

2. Campsite reservation system description for portfolio

This is a unique website in many terms.

It was launched mostly many years ago, but that time we developed many interesting tools that nowadays are very popular such as:

  • automatically distribution from CVS to production, testing and training instance;
  • Database replication for 2 DB instance - the same things which did DataGuard, but we could allow our-self to buy it;
  • Math algorithms written on C and integrated with DB to calculate distribution within less a second;
  • Automatic project compilation and uploading to test servers;
  • Automatic running test cases;
  • Special hardware and software balancing systems.

That site allows people to plan their rest in national European parks. People can search places by different criteria, check availability, make reservations and manage them later, do online payments. Admins can manage all aspects and pieces of their properties with detailed log for future audit.

This site can work with a peak loading of 4000 concurrent users per second. To archive high performance we utilized local Db and synchronized sessions between web servers.

Site had public, 5 administrative interfaces for different user roles and special call center interface with keys. 

This project also can operate on KIOSK devices.

It was a great experience using PHP, C, PSQL, HTML, books and google workgroups :)

3. Corporate website description for portfolio

This web site was developed for a company that delivers goods by sea using huge ships.

Drupal was chosen as a platform. It was multilingual site that supported 10 languages including Arabic.

Arabic language added some challenges to make site responsive, because short English phrases took many place on Arabic. I developed a separate template for this language and inherited controls from the parent template, which allows do not worry about making changes in both templates.

I worked in a pair with HTML coder. So, I decided to use special technics to separate my code and his nice HTML design, which allowed us to work on the website pages simultaneously. Our work synchronized via git hub.

Among all HTML pages, registration forms, intra/extra net, feedback forms, forum, and some other functionality I liked more a feature to track ship trail.

Track ship trail was available some customers enter ship names and see these ships location and trails. I utilized 3rd party API to receive ships coordinates and Google Map to draw trails and ships - finally it looked very nice.

So, it was Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Google and 3rd party GPS API.