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Portfolio description for Desktop projects

1. Order Management System description for portfolio

I developed this app from scratch.

All UX/UI designed by me and discussed directly with clients. I used simple prototyping approach to negotiate all complex functionality.

It was coded using C# language and MS SQL database. First version was launched within 3 months, after that I supported and extended this application next 7 years.

All communications were hold via Skype and e-mail by English.

Short list of important functionality:

  • Manage products, parts, sub-assembly, raw materials, cutoffs, materials, supplies, vendors, inventory;
  • Purchase orders with possibility to disassembly product on parts and materials and order then separately. Automatically update inventory;
  • RFQ and Quote module integrated with purchase orders;
  • Approval process to control employees critical operations;
  • Pricing, based on existing quotes, operation, colors and adjustments;
  • 5 user roles with 25 permissions;
  • Integration with external sales order system;
  • More than  25 reports;
  • Over 70 user forms.
  • And more...

This project works on 4 USA plants last 7 years. During this period I applied hundreds improvements and significant changes without any refactoring, because flexibility and compliance for further changes was the major requirement when I started this project.

I did coding so well that QA find only small syntax mistakes and visual defects.

I use especial cascading style of coding which allows me to test each procedure during coding many times without increasing estimates. In addition, I add comments for all pieces of code, which helps me quickly remind workflow and algorithms.

Prototyping: Axure, MS Vision, MS Word;
DB modeling: ErWin, TOAD.

2. Shipping System description for portfolio

This system does the following:

  • integrates with BusinessVision ERP to add/modify sales orders;
  • imports sales orders from external systems using web services;
  • automatically updates inventory and generates products from parts;
  • generates forecast reports 

Need to say that integration was implemented as a direct access to BusinessVision tables that are stored in Pervasive format. I spent plenty of time to learn what tables must be updated when new sales order is added, because there were not any technical documentation.

Orders importing was done using web services, because data must be taken from PC on a different factory. I wrote web services on C#. I developed a simple method to read files within transactions, to guarantee than reading (from my side) and writing (from client side) processes are synchronized and my system does not lost any piece of information.

Shipping workflow includes an automatically inventory update which is a very interesting algorithm. This algorithm must automatically check available inventory of products and its assemblies and creates parts from stock, assemblies from parts and products from parts.

All user operations are saved in log for further analyses and audit.

Another interesting part of this app was a quick search, which was done using MongoDB. Implementing special indexing techniques I allow users to filter products by 20 text fields on fly less than for a second.

It was really interesting project from all aspects: architecture, used languages, communications, learning, investigating and pleasure I got doing all of this.

Language: C# and VB.net
DB: Pervasive
Prototyping: Balsamiq

3. Coupon System description for portfolio

This system was developed for a large European company that issues rebate coupons, which people use in malls to buy products.

Main functionality was:

  • Scan and enter millions of used coupons into the system using barcodes scanners and recognition algorithms (to prevent duplicates);
  • User-friendly interface to manage, filter, search and group coupons of different vendors. I used local caching techniques and batch operations to simplify and improve search and operation performance;
  • Forecast system. This is the most interesting thing in this project, because it required whole my mathematical skills  and skills of my friends from scientist academy to create a model which can analyze data and choose appropriate forecast method;
  • OLAD reports. I use standard methods and Microsoft recommendations to prepare data for instant analysis;
  • Automated application update if a new version is released. I was easy to implement using standard Studio features.

I was developed in huge rush because company already was in process of getting coupons and they needed a system to organize their work. I worked days and nights to meeting their deadlines, which were already missed but not because of me.

I did 2 refactoring within 3 years, because client issued different type of coupons which broken the previous integrity. :)

I did all work along: project management, development, business analysis, design DB model, testing and deploying and even tech writing (short user guide).

Also I helped them to setup and configure local PCs.

This application was a quintessence of C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, SOAP (because they planned to use some reports online), MS SQL 2012.

4. Registration app for KIOSK devices

It was an application developed for KIOSK devices with a huge vertical sensor displays.

In general, it must be a simple application, which allows users in huge malls enter their information (register) to get further bonuses and discounts.

I planned to accomplish this project within 2 weeks. However, unfortunately client changed creative almost 5 times and 5 times I had to redevelop responsive HTML, change 50 form fields and validation rules.

Once user registered then the entered info is sent to the external system using their API. That API did not have documentation and required some experiments to find the right combination of all parameters.

What I like most in this app – this is user-friendly interface! Just imagine 50 fields combined in special user-friendly controls and the whole process is considered by people like a funny game – as the result: my client got many details about thousands of his customers.