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Beneficial offers for freelancers on Upwork (oDesk).

Here are some offers, which may be beneficial for freelances of any spheres. Please note that offers are not constant and can be closed anytime.

offers for freelancers

Fiverr offer: Gets one free gig

Fiverr is another freelancer site where most things are for $5, but you can assing a custom cost too, so do not worry :). Using this link gives you a posibility to order some work for free (like order a banner, logo, website, article, service, and so on).

Payoneer offer: Get additional $25 on your Payoneer account

By registering using the link below you will automatically get $25 on your card as soon as earn $100, which is nice, agree: Open your card on Payoneer.

Why do you need Payoneer account read in this article How to withdrawal earned money from Upwork(oDesk) with Payoneer

italki offer: Find free English teacher

italki is the best place where you can easy find free partners to improve your speaking English.

If you decide to hire a professional teacher then you can use this link to register and get 100 points (their local currency).

Dropbox offer: get up to 16Bg free space

If you are a freelancer or if you work remotely then you need one of these file storages: Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive(SkyDrive).

Dropbox is most popular, easy to use and integrated with many media portals. Using this link you can register account and get additional 500Mb.

Good luck! Being a freelancer has nice benefits