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Upwork(oDesk). Your new comfortable place of work?

odesk how it works guaranteed work and payments

Upwork(oDesk) - This is international site for freelances and customers.

The main customers - the Americans and Europeans, the main executors - India, China, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia and other countries with a low income.

This is a really place where people can earn much more money than do on their current place of work.

Pass free registration and you are ready to start.

In the beginning, only 2 job offers are available within a week, but if you pass a simple Upwork(oDesk) Knowledge test and complete your profile you will be given a quote on 20 jobs offers, do not be lazy :) - many people do not to it. It can be even more, but it needs to verify your information (scan passports and payment system with the name), but it is not necessarily.

You can provide your skills by passing some tests. It is funny but many customers rely on tests results, because most of them do not know that many answers are available in the Internet. So pass as many as possible within you field especially if you do not have a good portfolio.

It make takes a whole day - but it is worth.

Complete personal information, skills and portfolio. Include into portfolio all projects even if they were completed yet. Try to add some value to you experience. Do not afraid to say more than you are - you will have a change to prove it.

It seems that there are two groups of developers on Upwork(oDesk):

  1. first group: up to $10/hr. In this category mainly Hindu developers, and other 23-year-old senior developer-s. Ideal for novice developers, because most of project in this category does not have high quality expectations.
  2. the second one: more than $20/hr, mostly those who have worked on Upwork(oDesk) ~ 100hr.

Upwork(oDesk) has super tracking time tools, they literally watching you. These tools make screenshots of your desktop, monitor how many times have you moved the mouse and clicking keyboard. It is not comfortable for a freelancer from one side, BUT in this case Upwork(oDesk) guarantees payment for your time, which is good.

You may work on a fixed price contracts, where the price depends on a project, or based on hourly rate.

How much can you earn on Upwork(oDesk) per month?

how much you can earn on odesk

The following information based on stories of programmers.

If to work 30hr per week you can earn up to $5000/month.

Most mature freelancers works on 2-3 projects simultaneously.

What professions are OK for Upwork(oDesk)?

odesk who can apply

It is a great place for programmers - there are a lot of different offers. But it is good for many other professions, even not related to IT.

Some observation:

  • Programmers - many different project from small to large. Any skills, any technology. Big rate. Inside a team or alone. up to$100/hr.
  • Graphic Designers - many projects, but less than for programming Also some clients assume that designer can do HTML coding and UX part.
  • Game designers - not so easy to find such job. It is because this field is not so clear for customers and something their requirements is not appropriate. As a rule such projects have huge budgets. It is better to apply as a team for such offers.
  • QA - the niche almost occupied by freelancers from India. They have very low rates, so it almost impossible to offer a better price for a customer.
  • Copywriters / translators - most of them for English.
  • Marketing - SEO and SMM not a big sphere. Very different projects.
  • Project Managers - if you are experienced manager it is not so difficult to became a part of a foreign company as a remote worker, or go to the project management team of freelancers.
  • Demand on programmers

    demand of programmers on odesk


  • CMS - A lot of projects. Most popular Drupal, WordPress, Joomla. Payment is not very big about up to $15/hr.
  • PHP - there are different projects, from simple pages for $ 5 to multi-year projects. The average up to $15/hr. In pure PHP small projects, basically all want frameworks.
  • Ruby, Python - all the same as for php, but that's projects for beginners are much smaller and a little more cost
  • Perl - the average number of projects, mainly support and bugfix. Usually up to $15/hr, but sometimes you can find something worthwhile
  • Mobile

  • Android, iOs - probably the most demanded niche. Many projects of any complexity and duration. Competition among a lot of freelancers, but to take a project is easy. Average $15-30/hr.
  • Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc - much smaller projects, but they are. In all other respects as well as Android, iOS.
  • Games - projects less than for iOS and Android, but the competition is less. Basically claimed cocos2d, cocos2d-x, Corona, Unity, Marmelad. Average $15-30/hr
  • Cross-platform engines are also very much in demand, but they have less money ~$10/hr. However, since it is possible for these little engines and therefore short-term projects.
  • Desktop

  • Java SE / .NET - small projects. Here there is no project clones. Payment $15-20/hr
  • Delphi - very little, mostly support.
  • Enterprise

  • Java EE / .NET - mostly large projects for companies, not for singles freelancers. Rate $30/hr.
  • Delphi - very little, mostly support.
  • Low-level

  • There are projects for writing drivers and sometimes low-level hacking. Generally difficult and interesting. Rate varies
  • Algorithmic

  • Projects with huge rates. Mainly in the specific programs and languages. Mathematics, statistics, probability theory. From $70-100/hr. Little projects.
  • System Administrators

  • A lot of short-term projects of any orientation. You can also support projects for a certain amount per month. ~ $15/hr.
  • Other

  • Sometimes there are projects to port code from prehistoric languages. Prices tend to be large.