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How-to find right customers

tips how to find right customers on odesk

Unfortunately you can faced with situations on Upwork(oDesk) when customers do not pay at all. There are some regulation rules for such situations, but anyway it is better to choose right people from the first attempt.

Customers categories:

  1. Best one. Customer has long history, his paid rate is high, he paid much money, his average rating is almost 5 stars;
  2. New customer - black box. According Upwork(oDesk) info you cannot tell anything about him. This is your responsibility to accomplish a work with him;
  3. The worst option. Average rating is low - less then 4 stars, paid rate is low $2-3/hr.

The most important thing which you must do before starting any relationship with a customer - read freelances' feedback. You can learn more about a customer.

But anyway, if you have positive expectations then as a rule even bad customers will be gold for you.