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1. Can iPod music collection be updated from more than one computer?

  • Yes. iPod music collection can be updated from more than one computer system
  • After connecting iPod to the computer system, iPod recognizes the computer as 'home' computer system.
  • iPod automatically downloads the music library that is stored on it.
  • If iPod is connected to another computer system, iTunes communicates that iPod is linked to a different iTunes library. It also provides an option for erasing iPod's contents and sync with that of the new computer library. 

2. Can iPod supports volume standardization for all the music tracks in MP3 player?

  • Large discrepancies in volume among songs on different albums are mastered differently.
  • iPod for Mac standardizes the volume of all of the songs in the music lilbrary of the system, with the Sound Check features in iTunes 3 or later versions.
  • Turn on the Sound Check by selecting Sound Check in Settings in the main menu of iPod 

3. How does iPod provide skip protection?

  • iPod has a memory cache, apart from hard drive.
  • It has no mechanical parts. So the hard drive is not affected by movement of the device. 
  • At a time, iPod skip protection functions by preloading upto 25 minutes of music to the cache memory.
  • iPod plays music from memory cache, so that even rigorous activities would not cause skipping of music. 

4. How to add contacts and notes to iPod?

 Contacts that are stored can automatically be transferred by iTunes to iPod. 

To sync Address book contacts, follow the steps:

  • Open iTunes and connect the iPod to the computer system
  • From the Source pane of iTunes, choose the iPod icon
  • Click the Contacts tab
  • Select the ''Sync Address Book contacts'' check box. 

5. How to transfer music between a computer system and iPod?

  • iPod offers multiple ways for transferring music from computer.
  • The default mode offers automatic updation of all songs and playlists. Music library, playlists are automatically synced to iPod
  • Automatically updates the selected playlists. iTunes automatically copies only the selected playlists into iPod.
  • With the above option, accesses the music tab of the iPod settings.
  • One can manually drag and drop songs and playlists from iTunes to iPod, by accessing the Summary tab

6. What are the iPod specifications?

  • iPod 's height is 9.56 inches (242,8 mm), width is 7.47 inches (189,7 mm), depth is 0.5 inches (13,4 mm )
  • The size of the screen is 9 by 7-inch diagonal (1024768 resolution).
  • It weighs 1.5 kilos (68 pounds)
  • It weighs 1.6 kg (.73 kg) with Wi-Fi standard, 
  • It has Fingerprint-resistant oleo phobic coating
  • Support for display of multiple languages and characters
  • Digital Compass
  • Dock connector to USB cable 

7. What is Audible?

  • Audible is a service to provide various digital spoken versions of over 18000 audio books and audio programs. Ex- Daily digests of Wall Street Journal, The New York Times.
  • These audio programs can be played in iPod.
  • Audible files can be listened by using iTunes 4 or can be down loaded to iPod for listening on the go. 

8. What is iPod?

  • iPod is a new mix of iPhone, iTouch to Apple and a full notebook or laptop
  • With touch screen and internet features one can listen to music, watch movies, play games and research applications 

9. What is the equalization (EQ) feature on iPod?

  • Various audio frequencies can be adjusted within the sound spectrum with an equalizer
  • Audio playback, genre of music can be optimized by utilizing equalization
  • iPod has over 20 standard equalization presets like Jazz, Bass Booster or Rock
  • To set the equalizer settings, select EQ present in the Settings menu.

10. What music (jukebox) software is needed on computer system to use iPod?

  • iPod comes with iTunes for Macintosh and iTunes for Windows.
  • iPod is integrated with iTunes and allows to rip tracks from CDs into MP3 or AAC format
  • One can organize music library by creating playlists
  • Music library is automatically transferred over FireWire or USB 2.0 when plugged into a computer system